BW Expansion Business Fundraiser

Hi, thank you for considering to donate to Brutus Warehouse. We are a small minority owned business that started off with only online services and we're looking to expand into a physical storefront location here in our wonderful community in North Port, Florida. COVID-19 has hinder many businesses like us from properly prospering in our wonderful growing economy. We were lucky enough to get into a house and out of apartment we were living in just as this pandemic hit. Now we want to purchase this house and make it our first storefront and warehouse location.

This cause hits home for us as we've put in all of our bets into this business. This is our main and only source of income. As sales allow us to scrap by per month, we need a quick boost not only to our moral but also our finances. My wife is an ivy league graduate from Columbia University (first in her class mind you) and I'm a Marine Corps veteran (Semper Fi). After I got out the Corps in 2015 and finished working as a security contractor in 2018, I vowed to find a profession that would keep me home and close to my wife and our daughter. So I got into the warehouse business and worked in a Distribution Center in management. After a year in I realized the process was simple and the only challenge was getting a reliable wholesale supplier. Well I hit up my contacts overseas and in country and after coming up with a plan and discussing it with my wife (fellas, yall understand the begging process😅), we decided to open our own business focused on the everyday luxurious merchandise that we all crave but without the part where big business requires us to sacrifice an arm and a leg. We want to provide everyone the opportunity to live a true and authentic luxurious lifestyle, starting with what we wear.

How will your donations be used? Well our 10 year plan involves securing our first location and building our enterprise around it. We will build a warehouse of appropriate size to store merchandise and process all of our online orders and supply our store. Our goal is to have more merchandise on hand for faster delivery and more quality photos and videos to show off our authenticity. The house we're in currently is for sale for $210k here in the Atwater community in North Port, Florida. After purchasing the house and converting it to our first store, we will use the remainder of the donations to purchase the land around us (which goes for about $10k per quarter acre) to build our warehouse, a sizeable parking lot for customers, and security measures such as fencing and security alarm system. We would like to not use our home as a store later on as business progresses. This is our starting point and everyone starts somewhere.

We understand first hand the economic hardship everyone is going through. We pride ourselves in our work and asking for a helping hand is needed at times. Especially during these times. We thank you for your donation and please like, follow, and share our page if you have not done so. Subscribe to our email listing for daily and weekly updates and news on our progress and sales on merchandise.